Leander Dueck B.Sc, CPCA

Principal – Financial Advisor

With 20 years of success in the financial services industry behind him, Leander founded Beyond Wealth in 2010 with the goal of helping clients maximise the assets they’ve worked so hard to realize. He offers clients a wealth of experience and business acumen that have seen him deliver results at all stages of his career.

After graduating and being invited to join London Life as a financial advisor, Leander was ranked among the world’s top 1000 advisors in just his first year. From there, he took on increasingly progressive roles and was eventually named Senior Vice President at Great-West Life.

Despite the achievements in his corporate career, Leander’s primary interest has always resided in helping business owners and their families. It was this that led him to turn down numerous high-profile offers and create Beyond Wealth. Leander’s mix of entrepreneurial sensibility and financial experience has helped position Beyond Wealth as a leader in the industry, offering unprecedented expertise to business owners, professionals and transitioning businesses.